What Might Be Next In The Home Remedies

What Might Be Next In The Home Remedies

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Home Remedies recognizes the importance of customizing product or services to satisfy the specific requirements of each market in the pharmaceutical export. We team up with local organizations that have deep knowledge of the local healthcare landscape. This enables a better understanding of market requirements, including regulative compliance, and ensures that their offerings are aligned with the local context.

Home Remedies leverages its know-how in innovative access-to-medicines methods to address the distinct obstacles faced by each nation market. We explore alternative circulation channels, such as social business efforts or patient assistance programs, to enhance access to medicines in underserved neighborhoods. By tailoring their options, they can better accommodate the specific requirements of each market and boost the schedule of life-saving medications.


Our vision is a world where everyone has access to appropriate education on disease prevention and treatment, and innovative products that can assist in saving lives. We believe that nobody ought to need to suffer or die unnecessarily from preventable diseases or conditions. By providing education and innovative services, we intend to empower people to take control of their health and well-being. Our supreme goal is a world where every life is valued and safeguarded, and where preventable deaths are a distant memory.


Our mission is to save lives by finding, developing, and offering updated illness knowledge for avoidance and treatment, and by using innovative products that can make a genuine difference in people's lives. We're dedicated to remaining at the leading edge of public health research and to sharing our understanding and know-how with others, so that together we can create a world where preventable diseases are a thing of the past.

Through our efforts, we aim to empower individuals and communities to take control of their health and wellness, and to provide them with the tools and understanding they require to prevent and deal with diseases. We believe that everybody is worthy of access to the current, most reliable illness avoidance and treatment solutions, and we're dedicated to making this a reality for all.

By prioritizing the discovery and development of innovative products and services, we're working to change the method public health is approached, and to make a genuine distinction in the lives of millions. Our supreme goal is a world where every life is valued and protected, and where avoidable deaths are no longer a truth.

Our Business

Home Remedies useing company principles, service practices into public health and offering truly transformative operate in conserving a life. We work up to the last mile and protection is not based on one-day contact, It's a repeated contact to alter their understanding to change their habits, inculcate the habit of using products so that the deaths do not occur.
The real differentiator of our work is "Change of behavior by practice" and not simply by education, Education yes however in addition to that making their practice modification.

According to National Family Health Survey-3, the private medical sector stays the primary source of health care for 70% of households in urban areas and 63% of households in rural areas1.

At-Home Remedies, we want to broaden access to health care and reach more people. Home Remedies organization principles and service practices that build local, sustainable capabilities for health care around the world. We address problems that impact access to health care, consisting of the need for education and distribution.

Home Remedies provides education on illness, treatment alternatives, and avoidance in addition to increasing access to affordable products.

Home Remedies hires and trains locals in remote towns to end up being "Sehat Mitra" (health educators) who help to convey to neighborhoods about Home Remedies health, disease prevention, and the advantages of seeking timely treatment. These Sehat Mitra are in your area hired health educators, typically local ladies, who raise awareness about illness and preventive health procedures. They likewise refer sick people to medical professionals. Each teacher covers a few towns every day, Sehat Mitra branded uniform, making them easily recognizable.

Another is Business Associates work with medical professionals to organize health camps in remote towns-- mobile clinics that supply access to screening, medical diagnosis, and therapies. Our team of Business Associates coach these females Sehat Mitra by familiarising them with Home Remedies products to handle their organizations much better. This includes essentials and troubleshooting, in addition to improving their soft skills of negotiation and interaction.

Business Associates serve as the effort's local sales force. They engage with local pharmacies and work together with physicians to organize health camps where villagers can get treatment and preventive care. They also go to local pharmacies and medical professionals over and over again to alter their understanding to alter their behavior, get the habit of using products so that the deaths do not occur.

From 2016 onwards, outreach in rural areas throughout 3 Indian states has brought health education to more than 6 million people and direct health benefits to 1 million patients through medical diagnosis and treatment.

Home Remedies concentrates on the Anaemia, Deworming, Nutrition, Child Diarrhoea, Malaria, Women Hygiene & other diseases most common in India.

Home Remedies product portfolio, products are easy to utilize and pertinent to local people. Even more, services and products are customized to meet the requirements of underserved rural populations with a low disposable earnings, normally everyday wagers.

Our Values

Home Remedies values are based on 4 pillars known


Developing awareness in health education conferences on hygiene, nutrition, and common prevalent conditions increases illness awareness and informs the community about avoidance and the significance of health. People received health education through Home Remedies. The program likewise educates doctors through understanding sharing and medical detailing of treatment choices.


Repetitive contact guarantees consistent availability & accessibility of products and healthcare in rural settings. Strong relate to more than 10,000 doctors and new distribution networks assist to make medicines offered in 20,000 of the most remote pharmacies. Through health camps, certified medical professionals travel to rural areas to supply screening, diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care. More than 45,000 villagers were detected in health camps in between 2016 and 2020.


Offering health services and medications near home reduces travel costs, which can be more expensive than treatment. Numerous medicines in the Home Remedies portfolio fulfill affordability requirements in these markets, supplying affordable vital medications.

Complete Satisfaction.

Communications, product packaging, and training are adapted to local conditions. The product portfolio is also personalized based on the local disease concern. Local health educators are recruited to adjust the program to local dialects and cultures.
Home Remedies operates throughout an area that is home to 6 million people, broadening their access to affordable products, improved health infrastructure, and community education.
Home Remedies supplies tasks, earnings, and abilities enhancement to the health supervisors and health teachers who deal with the program-- chances that may not otherwise exist in rural India.

Progressing, one of the objectives is to expand and enhance the product portfolio in India adding treatments from the National Essential Medicines List.

Join us in this journey of saving lives; the initiative has been replicated and adapted in developing and under-developing.

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